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Safety Deposit Box

Safely tucked away in the Safety Deposit box in a bank. Its beauty hangs on your

A set of ‘ice blue’ bowls to complement your interior design

Purple Reign

The Parallax Effect: Mirror

Nana’s Water Pitcher, her legacy.

AVANTE GARDE: Parallax Art Presentations

S.T.E.M. as an art presentation? A truly revolutionary concept in multimedia art. It is designed to create an illusion of a forth dimension to an art presentation through the use of its subject, the artifact. At Digital Motifs, we note it as a creative design through the vision of the parallax (placement) through perspective viewing. In science this phenomenon is termed as a displacement along a triangular plane.

This holds true in the scientific and mathematical world, and now theoretically, is applicable to the placement of objects in artistic compilations. The placement of the artifact is essentional for this to happen.(PAP exclusive rights/Trademark)

“I just didn’t see it coming . . .”